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sylvan by SycamoreSea sylvan :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 7 4
Look, you can
fill your house with plants to replace her
but they're just going to keep dying.
you can't grow anything
good, and expect it to keep living, and
he's letting go and you know it;
he thinks he's saved you to fly,
but you're still living just to limp to the sea
and drown yourself someday
where he can't see;
you will always be missing their pieces,
you will always be wondering
which road was the wrong one,
because no one will tell you the truth.
be bright, be good,
or be broken-hearted:
it will end the same, fraying apart in your hands
every time.
so hold on to the gifts from the road
and take the long way home;
hold on to the wings that used to be you;
claw up cut feathers and swallow them and
try to be something else,
anyone else.
little bird, you are not moving on
and you do not have to pretend to be,
but it's no using being a snake if
you keep all your shed skins;
little bird, you are not coping
and you do not have to pretend to be,
but it's no using being a lantern if
:iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 4 4
empty ash
the truth is that i have never been less okay.
i miss you like a hole in the world,
but the hole is the size of the world
and it's in me instead, barely
constrained by fraying fathoms and my hands frantic
at my edges. the truth is
that i can't get through a night without crying,
that i wanted to dig my heart out but
you did it for me so now i am only vacant salt
and drowned ashes.
i wish you had hesitated
even for a second
before you promised me,
just so i could know
it was hard for you.
i would take it all back if it would help but
i don't even know what i have to take back except the past two years.
can we sit down and talk about all the feelings i have about you?
so many that they crowd up my throat, spilling
out the corners of my mouth like seafoam until there's no space
left for words or breathing, no time left for us between them.
i fucking hate that you love me and i hate that you don't, and i want
to run far and fast into the sun until it burns me and all my chains away. 
:iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 2 1
exquisite ash
so here's something simple:
i miss you.
i miss you in all my corners and veins,
i miss you with crooked hands and cracked lips.
i haven't stopped missing you since i
stepped on the bus and looked up at your back,
and looked back and you were gone.
i miss you when you're across the street and i know
you're there, that i could put on my sweatshirt
and my shaking hands and tuck myself into the rain
and go tell you i miss you,
but i am not allowed.
i am not allowed to still want you to kiss me,
because there is too much asphalt and ocean between us,
and because i missed a step and now you are an absent
column, fragmenting concrete, the cracks in the earth
where there used to be words.
i am collecting you: the fractals of grey memories
running along my knuckles like rain,
all the times i did not love
hard enough or loud enough or real enough,
all the times i dreamed you and could not
pull you back to waking with me, all
the times i held you in my hand and woke up,
fingers uncurled, loose,
:iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 2 3
Infinitesimal by SycamoreSea Infinitesimal :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 7 1 Snake Eyes by SycamoreSea Snake Eyes :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 4 3 Fluent Fire by SycamoreSea Fluent Fire :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 4 4 all my fears come home to rest by SycamoreSea all my fears come home to rest :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 10 2 lost in time but i'm holding on by SycamoreSea lost in time but i'm holding on :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 6 2 I'll tell the wind my name and no one else by SycamoreSea I'll tell the wind my name and no one else :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 1 3 King of the World by SycamoreSea King of the World :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 5 0 Fairytale Ending by SycamoreSea Fairytale Ending :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 2 0
a slow burn toward infinity
i trespass among the stars.
i do not know if they are more lost
or i am; there remains
no structure, only dregs and embers
crumbling slowly 
to the ashes of fairytales,
the last gasping breath of thunder;
this is what i came here for:
impossible tasks: the moon on a necklace, the stars
in my hands, crystalline roots broken off
and brought to me 
and stretched to the sky,
a backdrop to fireflies like shooting stars, ponderous,
falling to glass and cupped palms and lightning storms
against the grass—
when can we be married?
when i wear
my moon against my throat
when i taste the stars
so kiss me, firefly:
i am the heat-death of the universe,
radiant remnants
masquerading as desperation,
i am dead light
clinging to a resplendent past
where it is only black holes dying
behind my eyes
these are what i came here for:
collarbones & kisses & fireflies—
they go on forever,
like heat lightning in the distance,
the very last,
the very last
:iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 2 1
Guide by SycamoreSea Guide :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 6 0 Unmoored by SycamoreSea Unmoored :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 2 0 Astral by SycamoreSea Astral :iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 4 0

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um. hey. 
started an instagram for costume photos stuff so I don't have to spam you guys here with it. and also for commissions. I do those sometimes.
this is something I'm doing to pretend that I'm going to keep going. 
for a while, it'll probably be a backlog of stuff that has already been posted here, because my super favorites are here. but anyway. if you have an instagram, maybe we can be friends or something?
I don't really know how it works yet. I only posted one photo. anyway. it was an important one.…

I have a painting 95% done that I'll hopefully complete this weekend so you'll see that soon. 
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Seolhe Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy summer solstice! :)
Seolhe Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to let you know that I *FINALLY* got to see Moana today and man, I don't even think I have the words to express how much I loved it! I'm drowning in all the feels!
SycamoreSea Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
!!!! Wasn't! It! Perfect!!! I saw it three times in theatres and I'm ITCHING for it to come out on DVD (1.5 wks) so I can watch it again (and show all my friends I couldn't force to see it in theatres).
Seolhe Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh Gods YES!!!
I can't even remember last time a movie made me feel so many things, it's probably my new favourite Disney movie :love:
I mean just... the characters are great, the story and the major themes just speak to me on so many levels, and THE OCEAN!!! HOLY HELL! Everything about how the ocean is portrayed in this movie just makes me wanna cry! And speaking about crying, Moana's relationship with grandma Tala (I love Tala <3)! That moment during the How far I'll go reprise, when the lights go out and the ray appears... Oh my gods, I was smiling and crying and it just sent shivers down my spine, it was just such a powerful moment! And the I am Moana scene!
And speaking of all these songs, I just ADORED the soundtrack so much! I mean most Disney films has at least a few songs I really enjoy, but this was just wonderful all the way through the soundtrack!
Ugh, I could gush about it all night, I just love it :heart:

I really, REALLY want to see it again in the cinema before they stop running the English version. I'm gonna see if maybe I can convince my younger brother or Cess to go see it with me again :D
SycamoreSea Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh man yes, I cry every time she sings How Far I'll Go, but particularly that moment when her mom walks in on her and then Tala's ray... And also I just lose it at the "this is not who you are" scene, all the music is perfect, and although I wish the annoying comic relief animal hadn't been annoying (like we've talked about before), at LEAST the chicken wasn't really loud and obnoxious and impossible to just kind of tune out.
Oh, and it has to be said, the COMPLETE lack of ANYTHING resembling romance or a love interest, thank you, thank you.
I just pre-ordered the DVD yesterday, obviously seeing it on a normal TV won't showcase that insanely gorgeous ocean animation quite as well as the big screen did, but that won't stop it from being my new favorite movie of all time.
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Mutanlunar Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016
Thanks for the lama badge! <3 <3 
Lady-DreamSoul Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday my darling!! <3 
SycamoreSea Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you <3
Lady-DreamSoul Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Love you. Hope you had a lovely day <3
Seolhe Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday, dear! I hope your day is wonderful!!! Party 
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